Carmel man who fatally stabbed father receives 80-plus years sentence


A Carmel resident who fatally stabbed his father and held his mother captive in their home in 2022 will serve more than 80 years at the Indiana Department of Corrections Facility.

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Christopher Claerbout

Christopher Claerbout, 42, was charged with eight criminal counts including murder, domestic battery, and intimidation. He was found guilty but mentally ill by a Hamilton County jury in April.  He was sentenced June 2 in Hamilton County Superior Court 2 in Noblesville by Judge Jonathan M. Brown.

During the April trial, questions about Claerbout’s mental health awareness and accountability were raised by his defense. It was determined that he was mentally ill at the time of the crime and has since been required to take Zyprexa to treat a delusional disorder. His mental state was not used as a mitigating factor during sentencing.

Prosecuting attorney Joshua M. Kocher said Claerbout had a clear understanding of his actions based on what he told doctors during a mandated mental health evaluation.

“Claerbout) said that people saw him and were calling (the police), and that’s why he fled (after the murder,” Kocher said. “That was one of his justifications.”

Kocher said the state recommended Claerbout remain in custody until he was 100 for the safety of the Claerbout family. Claerbout’s cousin Layla Toy, his brother Roderick Claerbout and his mother Marcia Claerbout gave impact statements voicing the same fear about seeing him again.

Marcia Claerbout said she forgives her son but will not forget being robbed of future moments with her husband.

“I do not want Chris to be released from his sentence in my family’s lifetime,” Claerbout said. “I fear for our lives and there would be no peace for us.”

Claerbout was sentenced 82 years and was ordered to pay his mother $50,000 to help with the financial hardships she has faced since losing her husband.