Broadway actress set for Feinstein’s shows


Samantha Pauly has crafted a concert with more than a few of her favorite things.

“It will be a mix of Broadway tunes, some career highlights and some of my favorite pop songs,” Pauly said. “My music director, Adam Cole Klepper, is an absolutely brilliant pianist and uses sheet music as a guide. He makes great arrangements of a lot of the songs on the set list, so some of them don’t sound the way they typically would.”

“An Evening with Samantha Pauly” is set for 7:30 p.m. July 7-8 at Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael in Carmel. 

Pauly, best known for her role as Katherine Howard in the Broadway show “Six,” a musical about Henry VIII’s six wives, said she is partial to Ariana Grande songs.  

“I also like to include some Broadway songs that help facilitate my interactions with the audience and tell some personal stories,” Pauly said. “I guess you could say I’m doing a mini tour. It started with Feinstein’s in San Francisco and Carmel reaching out to my managers asking if I would come perform my solo show. That was followed by Blue Strawberry in St Louis.”

More shows were added, so in addition to her residency at Chelsea Table & Stage in New York City, Pauly had a busy first half of the year.

Pauly appeared in Discovery Broadway’s concert of “Hamlet,” a musical, in 2022.

“Not only was it thrilling to be a part of creating a new show and role, it was amazing to get to work with so many incredible artists, Adam Pascal and Jordan Donica,” Pauly said. “I mean, it was so powerful to share a stage with them and witness their brilliance. Discovering Broadway is such a welcoming and professional company, they make it so easy to come in and perform and get things done.”

Through Discovering Broadway, Pauly will teach two master classes July 8 for choreography at Grace Church in Noblesville.

“I love teaching, especially in person when I can,” she said. “I sometimes still can’t believe anyone cares enough to want to sign up and pay money to take a class with me, so it’s always a lot of fun to get to meet students from all over the country. The talent some of these kids have always blows me away, and I love watching them grow and learn.”

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