Column: Belly up to the backyard bar


Commentary by Bill Bernard

After having spent the last few years enhancing their personal outdoor living spaces, a new trend has emerged: Homeowners are now turning their attention to creating the grown-up version of a playhouse — a backyard bar.

Like most everything, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you may want. There are a few key elements that need to be incorporated, but they can be very simple. Stools, a countertop and a couple of shelves are the most basic elements you’ll need. How you place those elements is where the fun begins. If space is limited, you could place the countertop and stools next to the outside wall of your home. Installing an awning above the countertop could complete the ensemble. From there, you can add enhancements such as making a freestanding structure with a solid roof, refrigerators, kegerators, ice makers, music, televisions and even mood lighting.

No matter the level of embellishment, backyard bars allow you to invite a few friends over, serve up some cold beverages and keep a watchful eye on the kids. Even now, when it’s “safe” to get together indoors, your new backyard bar will be the place everyone gathers.

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