Letter: Moms for Liberty “wins” not victories for whole community



I was extremely disappointed in the article about Moms for Liberty apologizing for using a Hitler quote that was in the July 4 print issue. The article did include quotes from those who were appalled that a group would use a Hitler quote, but the entire last column of the article listed Mom for Liberty “wins.” These are not considered wins for everyone in our community.

Moms for Liberty acts like they are fighting for parents’ rights, but really they are about the rights of conservative, white, Christian parents. These “wins” don’t feel like wins to my family. It was really disappointing to see this article presented as news when it felt like Current was justifying and endorsing the views of a hate group and further allowing them to share their talking points. I do hope you will consider how you report on this group and not simply repeat their talking points about their “wins,” when those wins often discriminate against and alienate many families in Carmel.

Mary Ajango, Carmel