City of Carmel adds stop signs at Main Street, Veterans Way

CIC COM 0725 New Stop Signs
The City of Carmel on July 13 installed stop signs on Main Street at Veterans Way. (Photo by Ann Marie Shambaugh)

The City of Carmel has added stop signs on Main Street at Veterans Way, creating a four-way stop at the intersection.

According to City Engineer Jeremy Kashman, the stop signs are intended to improve safety in an area with increasing foot traffic and active construction projects nearby.

“There is a lot of pedestrian activity at the intersection, as well, and we felt it was best at this time to make the change for safety,” Kashman stated in a press release.

The signs are expected to stay, as Mayor Jim Brainard has directed the city’s legal department to draft an ordinance to make them permanent, according to City of Carmel spokesman Dan McFeely. The ordinance will go before the Carmel City Council for a vote.