Zionsville Redevelopment Commission reviews proposals


The Zionsville Redevelopment Commission Meeting met July 24 to discuss land development proposals for two separate lots, including a 1.29-acre strip of vacant land on Oak Street in front of Zionsville Town Hall and a 0.69-acre PNC parking lot on 106th Street.

The redevelopment plan is in the response-sharing phase of the request for information process. This month, commission members will begin to collaborate with the designers who submitted proposals. Then, in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year — Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 — the members will share the final plan.

The proposal for Lot 2, according to ZRDC Director Corrie Sharp, is a building that is to be at least two stories and architecturally compatible with Town Hall. Five formal responses were submitted to the ZRDC for consideration for the Lot 2 parcel.

Seake LLC proposed a campus master plan for the land, including Lot 2. It proposes two office buildings, connected parking lots, residential areas and an amphitheater. The office buildings would be three stories with a connector between the two structures.

Onyx+East proposed a residential building for the space. The firm said the space should be used to build townhomes on either side of the lot with a central drive. There would be 23 units in four separate buildings. Each unit would be a three-story residency with three bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a rooftop. The units would retail for approximately $500,000.

“For us to consider some type of residential (building) will require some type of zoning amendment,” Sharp said.

David Rausch Studio proposed to use the space to create both a five-story commercial mixed-use building and a two-story residential facility along the trail that can support multiple families.

More proposals can be found on the Zionsville Town Hall website. Parking was a major consideration in each proposal.

“Even in Town Hall today, people are competing for spaces,” Sharp said.

The former PNC Bank parking lot was left behind after the July 28, 2020, demolition of the  bank building. The demolition marked the first stage of planning for what is to become the Zionsville Gateway Area.

The parking lot is within the Gateway and Zionsville Business District. There have been three formal responses for what should be done to the lot space. Sharp said every proposal must consider parking because of the high demand for parking in the area.

The Lauth Group proposed a mixed-use building with underground parking, a high-end restaurant as first floor retail, Class A space, luxury condos, a rooftop garden and amenities such as a workout facility. The firm’s architecture design plan calls for a historic form built with modern materials.

To send the ZRDC comments and questions, Sharp said residents can email her at [email protected].

“Keep the ideas rolling,” Sharp said. “We are just starting this conversation.”

The next ZRDC meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Aug. 28.