PZAZ Tree of the Year winner announced


The second People of Zionsville for the Aesthetics of Zionsville Tree of the Year winner was announced at the Aug. 7 Zionsville Town Council meeting.

“The goal of the contest is to promote urban forestry and the preservation of trees, but we also want it to build community,” said Michal Owens, spokesperson for PZAZ.

This year’s winning tree is a grand bur oak on the Weston Family Farm at 1581 N. 1100 E., Sheridan.

For the contest, residents are invited to submit their favorite tree in Zionsville. According to PZAZ, Zionsville has been named a Tree City by the National Arbor Day Foundation for 22 years.

The winning tree was nominated by Zionsville resident Roxanna Gressel, who was inspired by the history of the tree.

Owens said in the 1840s, a farmer who lived on the land at the time planted the winning tree, making it as old as the town.

“The Rural Electrification Administration wanted to knock down the tree, and the farmer defended the tree in any way he could or wanted to,” Owens said.

Town Council member Brad Burk, who serves as a member of PZAZ, thanked the entire committee for their hard work on this project.

“This is a fun project that highlights what we do,” Burk said. “Data is data, but the stories are more powerful.”

Gressel was provided with an Earth and Turf gift card, and her photo of the tree will be displayed inside Zionville Town Hall.