Freeman seeks reelection to Lawrence Common Council District 3 seat

Sherron Freeman

Sherron Freeman, 67, is a wife, mother and dog lover. She has lived in the City of Lawrence since 1996, representing District 3 on the Lawrence Common Council since 2008.

Freeman, a Democrat, retired from Allstate after 32 years., and worked for the Marion County Assessor’s office 14 years. She recently graduated from the Lawrence Citizens Academy, a program where citizens get a birds-eye view of a police officer’s daily protocol.

Freeman served on numerous committees including Public Safety, Public Works, Zoning, Code, Parks and Economic Development. She focuses on bringing jobs to the area and attracting tourists to increase growth,

Q – What can you offer to the citizens of Lawrence as an elected official?

A – Resources, knowledge and commitment.

Q – How will you ensure all residents of Lawrence feel welcome, included and heard by their elected officials?

AStay engaged in the district and accessible to citizens through Crime Watch and youth
initiative programs.

Q – How do you envision future cooperation between the elected Mayor and elected Common Council?

A – Regardless of political affiliation, you need to be transparent, negotiate and work together for the residents of Lawrence. Anytime you are reviewing the City’s budget all books should be open.

Q – What do you consider the most important issue facing the City of Lawrence in the next four years and how will you address it?

A – Public Safety. We need to hire more police officers. The City of Lawrence needs to look into a “public safety tax”and increase the percentage we are getting from Indianapolis.

The general election is Nov. 7.