Column: Now, you’re cooking with fire


Commentary by Bill Bernard

When it comes to planning your new outdoor kitchen, there are lots of options to consider.

One of the primary decisions is what type of grill you plan on using. Grill options can also come with different fuel options. Three of the most popular options are charcoal, gas (natural or propane) and wood pellets. Each option has its own unique benefits.


Charcoal briquettes are often the fuel of choice because the heat they provide is very reliable and predictable. Because of the long-lasting consistent temperature, charcoal is a good choice when cooking foods that require long cooking times.


The primary benefit of cooking outdoors with gas is its convenience. Gas also provides a consistent heat source, but unlike other fuel types, gas will not infuse your food with a smoky flavor. Most gas grills give you the option to easily raise or lower the cooking temperature.

Wood Pellets

If you’d like to infuse your grilled food with the delicious flavor of smoke, pellets may be a good option. Food-grade wood pellets are used with grills that are specifically designed for them. Pellets come in various wood species and each species will impart a different flavor of smoke.

In the outdoor kitchen pictured, our homeowner wanted to incorporate a variety of cooking options. They can cook using charcoal, gas and/or wood pellets, depending on what’s being prepared. Sometimes, it’s good to keep your options open.

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