Paranormal investigator to share stories


Amy Bruni’s interest in the paranormal started early.

“I grew up in a haunted house and I became interested in what ghosts and spirits were at a young age,” she said. “My dad was an amateur paranormal investigator. It was a hobby that never quite went away. Years later, I had the opportunity to go out with ‘Ghost Hunters.’ I already had my own team. I met the guys from ‘Ghost Hunters’ and they asked me to join them for a show. That was the beginning of me being known in the public eye.”

Bruni, 47, will share her story in her presentation of “Life with the Afterlife: True Tales of the Paranormal with Ghost Hunter Amy Bruni” at 8 p.m. Sept. 16 at The Tarkington at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

“I tweak (the presentation) every year but this will be more focused on relaying haunting encounters I’ve actually had, so it will be examples of the evidence I’ve captured, stories of haunted locations,” Bruni said. “It will be super interactive. People can ask me anything about ghosts and hauntings.”

Her presentation will include clips with video and audio evidence. 

Bruni said it’s appropriate to have the appearances in the fall if you want to learn more about the paranormal and get a little scared. Bruni said audience members often share their scariest experiences and ask for advice on how to handle it.

Bruni is the co-star and executive producer of “Kindred Spirits,” which is on Travel Channel and Max. In addition, she produces the “Haunted Road” podcast.

She co-wrote “Life with the Afterlife: 13 Truths I Learned about Ghosts” with Julie Tremaine.

Bruni joined the cast of “Ghost Hunters” in 2008, starring in seven seasons.

“I go back occasionally for guest spots on that,” she said.

Prior to becoming a full-time paranormal investigator, Bruni worked as a project manager for a health insurance company.

“On the weekends, I would go to spooky locations and look for ghosts,” she said.

Bruni said she thought she was irresponsible when she quit her job with benefits to hit the road looking for ghosts.

“I thought it would just be a year, but 15-plus years later, I’m still at it,” she said. “I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to be active in something I love doing it.”

Bruni, who lives in Newport, R.I., said she has a number of spooky encounters.

“I talked a lot about investigating Waverly Hill, a tuberculosis hospital (in Louisville), and seeing a full-body apparition appear right in front of me,” she said. “Then not even five minutes later, having something violently grab my arm in the same area. There was a time when I was investigating on train tracks (in Barnstable, Mass.) that were out of commission, but the train alarm came on by itself. That scared the crap out of me, thinking there is a train coming I don’t know about. When I contacted the train company that controlled the tracks, they told me that was impossible. They basically called me a liar.”

Those incidents were both featured on “Kindred Spirits.”

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