Carmel-based eye care businesses opening second location in Fishers


Little Eyes pediatric eye care and RevolutionEYES eye care opened in Carmel 10 and 17 years ago, respectively, and have been “busting out at the seams,” said owner Jeremy Ciano. It was time to expand, and the stars aligned for them to move to a second location at 11480 Lakeridge Dr. in Fishers.

A grand opening for the new Fishers stores is Sept. 11. Ciano said that, unlike the Carmel stores, the new stores will be side-by-side, with a shared back-office space.

“It’ll be two doors. It’s two separate (spaces), but in the back it’s kind of attached,” he said. “From a business standpoint (that allows) some shared services, but for the public it’ll operate as two completely separate, independent businesses.”

Ciano said that he had considered the Fishers location five years ago, but his wife ended up taking it for her business, Ninja Zone.

“They ran out of space because they’ve just — they killed it,” he said. “So, she bought land down the street, and she was going to have to let that space go and basically eat rent for about a year. And I said, ‘Well, you know what, it’s really a good spot.’”

Ciano said that even before opening, the new location had booked nearly 100 examinations.

He said Little Eyes is a unique business model, specializing in primary pediatric eye care. Among the services are special contact lenses that not only correct near-sightedness but help prevent that condition from increasing.

Little Eyes was his son’s idea, Ciano said.

“Here’s a little 4-year-old. He’s like, ‘Daddy, I want to be an optometrist someday and I want to have my own store with little chairs and little glasses and I’m going to call it Little Eyes.’” Ciano said. “And we’re like, ‘Well, that’s a pretty good idea.’ Sure enough, about three years later, we had an opportunity and we opened up that store.”

Ciano said his son is headed to college now, and still wants to be an optometrist.

RevolutionEYES is a boutique eye care business with specialty lines, he said, and like Little Eyes, it is growing.

“Our secret sauce is we (offer) super five-star, white-glove customer service, but we have this down-to-earth kind of Hoosier hospitality, open heart kind of mentality,” he said. “We’re super welcoming, but we deliver the best of the best.”

The Carmel Little Eyes location at 1372 S. Range Line Rd., and RevolutionEYES at 14250 Clay Terrace Blvd. will remain open.

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