Column: Modern tech eases fears


Commentary by Jeremy Ciano

“Eye exams make me nervous!”

Do you dread going to the eye doctor because you hate getting that puff of air blown in your eyes? Do you push back your annual eye examination because you don’t want to be dilated and have blurry vision for the rest of the day? Do you get nervous choosing between 1 and 2 and fear that you may be picking the wrong answer? We hear you loud and clear. Fortunately, most of these fears are now a thing of the past.

With modern technologies, a lot of those uncomfortable, poofy and debilitating portions of the eye exam are ancient history. With digital retinal scanners, most dilations and the accompanying blurry vision/light sensitivity can now be avoided. Of course, if there are serious problems, your eye doctor will insist on taking a deeper dive, but with the majority of screening evaluations, the dreaded dilation of your pupils are a thing of the past.

Same with the air puff! There are now handheld devices that can accurately and consistently measure your eye pressure without the puff of air! No more nervous anticipation. No more uncomfortable shots of air to the eye. Just a quick and gentle tap of the lower part of the eye and you are done. Quick, painless, accurate and easy.

One or two … You’ve heard the jokes – you’ve probably made the jokes. But why do we keep asking you these questions? Simply put, when your eye doctor is asking you to discern between two options, we are finding out where your best vision is. Here’s the best part: You can’t get it wrong! We ask over and over to ensure the prescription is accurate and consistent. So, relax. You did a great job!