Nonprofit to present leadership summit


The Noblesville Diversity Coalition has designed a new event for senior-level business and community leaders in Hamilton County to work on leadership development.

The Inclusive Leadership Summit is a new event that will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 27 at Conner Prairie in Fishers. It is presented by the Noblesville Diversity Coalition and will include programming with information and resources for senior-level business and community leaders.

Dana Randall is the advisory board president of the Noblesville Diversity Coalition, a nonprofit working to make Noblesville more inclusive and welcoming, according to its website. The group discovered it needed to engage community leaders to make lasting change, Randall said.

“It started with, ‘Well, then let’s do some type of thing just for leaders and talk to them about this,’” Randall said. “You know, how things are changing. Do they feel equipped and prepared? What do they need help with? What could we do to bring in resources?”

The event is centered on the Deloitte model of leadership, which focuses on key attributes of leaders. The event will include speakers Travis Brown from Mojo Up Marketing + Media, Andrea Mazzocco of Deloitte, Andrew Bradford from Conner Prairie, Emma Vosicky of GenderNexus, Amy C. Waninger from Lead at Any Level, LLC and Sonal Sheth Zawahri of TruYoue. There will also be breakout sessions, Randall said.

The cost to attend is $70.

“For any organization, even if there’s a lot of momentum behind something, whatever it is, then the employee population can only go so far with something. The leaders are the ones that set the tone and set the climate and kind of are stewards of that process,” Randall said. “So, they serve their people and they got to have the right tools to be able to do that.”

Randall said she looks forward to presenting the event.

“I would love it to be that the leaders across Hamilton County realize not only the impact they can have in their organization, but if all the leaders together collectively say, ‘No, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to make our county a place that is made for everyone,” she said.

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