Noblesville sophomore returns to favorite show at Beef & Boards


Kate Boice îs returning to one of her favorite shows at the same venue.

The Noblesville High School sophomore and Avon resident Eli Neal are the choir captains for all the performances of Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” which is set for Oct. 5 to Nov. 19. She appeared in the same show at Beef & Boards in 2017.

ND BEEF BOARDS 1003 Boice head shot 1

“Being in ‘Joseph’ for the first time was absolutely magical,” Boice said. “My sister (Ali) and I were in it together, and we were in awe of the entire production. I always loved the movie growing up and would watch my favorite songs over and over on repeat. The costumes, choreography and music are like a never-ending dance party. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this show again and get to be in the whole run.”

Boice said she is excited to be a part of one of her favorite numbers, “Song of the King,” as a cow alongside the adults.

“As choir captain, I ensure the children in the choir make it onstage and in their spots on time and ready for their cues,” Boice said. “I am available to answer their questions, offer encouragement and help them with any challenges. I enjoy working with kids and watching them gain a love for theater and grow.”

Boice played Jane Banks in Beef & Boards’ production of “Mary Poppins” in 2022. Boice said she adored that role as well.

“The cast was so kind, encouraging and versatile,” she said. “It was truly a dream come true. I absolutely love working with the directing and production team, crew and talented actors,” Boice said. “To add on, one of my favorite aspects of the Beef & Boards stage is how interactive it is. The closeness of the stage to the audience allows the actors to make deep connections with the audience and fellow castmates. I feel so grateful to be in a professional atmosphere where I feel valued and can grow myself both as an actor and as a person. It is one of the most supportive environments where everyone is kind, encouraging and hardworking.”

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