Vare running for reelection to Fishers City Council


Jocelyn Vare, a Democrat, is running for reelection for one of three at-large seats on the Fishers City Council.

Vare was the first Democrat elected to the council four years ago, she said, making the council bipartisan for the first time.

Q — What can you offer to the citizens of Fishers as an elected official?

A — You can count on me for balance, transparency and good representation. I bring a balanced perspective, asking tough questions and holding Mayor (Scott) Fadness accountable. I work to make local government accessible. I listen to citizens’ concerns, amplify their voices and work to fix their problems. I want Fishers to be a city we can all be proud of.

Q — What do you consider the most important issue facing the City of Fishers in the next four years?

A — According to BSU economist, Michael Hicks, “If you are a local elected leader, the single most important thing you can do for local economic development is support schools.” That’s why I encourage Fishers voters to Vote Yes on the HSE Schools Referendum Renewal on Nov. 7.

Q — How will you make sure all Fishers residents feel included and heard by their elected officials?

A — I am the only city councilor who explains the monthly meeting agenda items for citizens each month and invites them to participate. I encourage feedback and never block constituents. I have “coffee time” weekly to meet and listen to residents. I show up and back citizens up — at the school board, public library board, community events, etc.

Q — What can the city do to address housing availability in Fishers?

A — A housing shortage is hindering our community. According to the housing study commissioned by the city, 8,000 more housing units are needed to keep up with demand by 2030. I am exploring a community land trust and new partnerships with developers who are building and selling our community’s newest housing units.