Opinion: OK, so I skipped school for a day


Friends, I did something the other day that is a tad unusual for me. I took an afternoon off! And I am so glad I did. Let’s examine.

This time of the year for teachers can be tough. We’re well into the grind, knee-deep in grading, and the nearest break is still weeks away. But we can’t really afford to miss school. Most of us are barely keeping our heads above water, and a sick child, or god forbid, COVID-19, could send us straight to the deadly depths of the academic Pacific. You may think I’m exaggerating here but ask any educator and they’ll tell you they’d much rather come to school with acute projectile vomiting than make extensive sub plans — only to learn there are no substitutes and that their students have been sent to study hall. Talk about falling behind and drowning. “Just put a trash can near my desk. I’ll be fine!”

All this is to say that it wasn’t an easy decision to pull the trigger on a last-minute self-care moment, but if I’ve learned anything in my half-century of living, it’s that occasionally I must put myself first. YOLO, right?

And, dear readers, it was magical. I actually did schoolwork, but something about the comfort of my kitchen table, sipping coffee and the dog at my feet, made it enjoyable. I was able to ignore the guilt and embrace the quiet. Those few hours helped me regain perspective and get my head right again.

Will I be taking “me-time” again soon? No. One must ration PDs like water in a desert. Still, I’m glad I did.

Peace out.