Delayed pathway project to connect Carmel, Zionsville set for construction this year


In early 2017, Carmel and Zionsville officials announced they were working together to complete a multi-use path along 116th Street to connect the two municipalities with work to begin the following year.

Seven years later, construction still has not begun.

Carmel City Engineer Jeremy Kashman said the city ended up working on some other initiatives ahead of this one.

“The project had some complexities in the design we were working through which allowed other projects in the queue to take a higher priority,” he said.

The delay could soon be coming to an end, however, as work is set to begin this year. The city has selected Morphey Construction to build the pathway, which will fill in gaps between Michigan Road and the Long Branch Estates neighborhood and make a connection between Shelborne and Towne roads. The path will be constructed on the north side of 116th Street. The project also includes a crosswalk between West Park and University High School.

Carmel is working to finalize the purchase of the remaining right of way needed to complete the project. Zionsville is working through right of way issues on its side of the border, too.

“We are working with Witham, the only property owner within Zionsville (for this project), on the acquisition of new right of way to accommodate the pathway,” said Lance Lantz, Zionsville director of public works. “The inclusion of the portion within Zionsville is subject to successful negotiations between the town and Witham.”

Kashman said he expects construction in Carmel to be substantially complete this year with final completion in 2025. The total cost is expected to be less than $2.5 million and will be substantially funded through bonds Carmel issued in 2022.