Town of Zionsville rejoins partnership with Boone EDC


The Town of Zionsville is reengaging with the Boone County Economic Development Corp.

During the Jan. 16 town council meeting, Mayor John Stehr asked for a resolution to appropriate funds to the Boone EDC for its 2024 services, which the town council unanimously passed. According to Stehr, former Mayor Emily Styron parted ways with the Boone EDC in 2020.

Stehr said the goal is to “strengthen relationships with community and regional partners so that Zionsville once again has a seat at the table. When economic growth benefits one of us in Boone County, it benefits us all.”

Boone EDC, a nonprofit, is dedicated to the growth of Boone County by actively engaging with businesses, developers, consultants, real estate brokers, public officials and the community, according to the organization.

According to Public Information Officer Amanda Vela, Zionsville has “historically (partnered) with the Boone EDC to assist the town in economic development.” She said Stehr has prioritized reengaging with the Boone EDC by appropriating money from the Food and Beverage Fund for economic development services.

“We want to be more engaged with our Boone County neighbors to help support sustainable growth and bring investment to the county,” Stehr stated. “By working with the qualified team at the Boone EDC, we can identify economic development opportunities that make sense for our town.

Molly Whitehead, executive director of Boone EDC, said the significance of reengaging with the Town of Zionsville is a strategic move for Boone EDC and the county’s overall growth.

“Our collaboration with Zionsville is pivotal in nurturing a unified economic vision for Boone County,” Whitehead stated. “By reengaging with Zionsville, we aim to leverage shared resources, enhance economic synergies, and create a more robust and interconnected business environment. Together, we can unlock new opportunities, attract investment and ensure sustainable growth that benefits both our communities and the entire county.”

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