Westfield seeks public input on Newby Property


The City of Westfield has a request for its residents: Come out and share your views on a proposed new development.

A public input meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Feb. 7 at Westfield City Hall, 130 Penn St. The meeting is intended to help city leaders gather information on the parcel commonly known as the Newby Property. The meeting will give stakeholders, including residents, business owners and those invested and interested in the future of Westfield to weigh in on future park plans.

The 25-acre parcel is at 2510 E. 171st St., just west of the City Services Center and Simon Moon Park. The City of Westfield purchased the property in January 2023, eyeing future development for parks and recreation.

The public input meeting will give residents the chance to have their thoughts and opinions heard on how to make the development come to fruition, in a way that benefits everyone. During the session, residents will get the opportunity to engage with exhibits on the proposal, and even leave notes for developers on what type of projects they would like to see take place.

The ultimate goal, according to city officials, is to develop a plan that will create a clear set of objectives and provide direction for the development of a future park.

“This is an exciting time for our parks department,” said Chris McConnell, Superintendent of Westfield Parks. “By hosting this public input session, we hope that residents will provide their feedback so that we can develop a park that not only meets their needs but also makes them feel proud.”

Representatives from Mader Design Group, the consulting firm in charge of developing the plan, as well as city officials, will be on hand to answer questions.