Carmel launches communitywide survey to boost engagement, transparency


The City of Carmel has launched a community survey to gather information from residents and visitors on a variety of topics. 

Carmel Mayor Sue Finkam, who took office Jan. 1, will use the data to help set priorities for her administration. She officially announced the survey Feb. 14 at a launch event in Midtown Plaza. 

“My goal as mayor of this amazing community is first and foremost to make sure we have strong engagement with all of those who live, work and play here,” she said. “Also, we want to make sure we have increased transparency. We want to make sure not only are we listening to what is important to people, but then we’re also sharing that information so our community can follow along with the progress we’ve made.” 

She said the survey will provide other benefits, as well. 

“It’s also going to help us with other projects, like READI grants and other economic interests and opportunities that we have in the state of Indiana,” Finkam said. “Almost every one of those grant opportunities or other funding opportunities requires community input. So, we’ll have this ready bank of information that we can provide.”  

The 29-question survey, which can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes, covers topics that include city services, transparency, business issues and more. Responses are anonymous. 

Finkam listed the community survey as a top priority during her mayoral campaign. She said the city hadn’t issued a communitywide survey since the 1990s. 

The city partnered with Indianapolis-based firm TPMA to prepare and manage the survey. 

Take the survey at