H&H Fieldhouse in Fishers slated to open late spring


By Samantha Kupiainen

In 2021, Jon Horton and Harvey Harrington — brother of former Indiana Pacers player Al Harrington — decided to move forward with their dream of a state-of-the-art, 125,000 square-foot sport facility.

H&H Fieldhouse at the former Marsh Supermarket on 96th Street in Fishers, is still under construction, but is slated to open in April or May. The new facility will have one full court, two half-courts and a partnership with iFast for comprehensive strength, conditioning, speed and agility training.

“When Jon came to me about starting H&H, I had just finished our Annual DreamChasers basketball camp,” Harvey Harrington said. “I had toyed with the idea of having my own gym, but now I had someone that truly believed in not only my ability but the vision as well. We both were after the same thing — giving young kids opportunities to recreate themselves as athletes, making the process better and creating an asset to the community.”

Construction was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the two shifted strategies, opting to start with a smaller facility at the former Marsh Supermarket.

The two partners signed a lease for the Fishers location in the summer of 2023, and H&H Fieldhouse was born, drawing name inspiration from their respective last names, both starting with ‘H.’

Harrington and Horton said their goal is to offer more than physical training.

“We offer a one-stop-shop for everything a basketball player needs,” Horton said. This includes not only training and physical development but also mental well-being, nutrition, shot coaching, league play, crisis management, (cryotherapy), sports recovery and professional polishing for athletes transitioning to the next level where public scrutiny, unfortunately, becomes a part of life.”

The partners recognize that athletes have diverse interests off the court. They plan to leverage their personal networks to help athletes explore those interests.

Horton said the journey has had its hurdles.

“But the support we’ve received has been phenomenal,” he said. “Notably, Anderson Schoenrock, the building owner and an equity owner in H&H, has been helpful in navigating through the additional delays we faced over the summer, and Eve Wilkerson of First Internet Bank in helping us to secure funding for the project. Our team, including founding members Greg McIntosh, Clay Rebber and Mark Battles, has been the backbone of this venture, each bringing unique strengths and vision to the table.”

Looking ahead, Horton and Harrington want to establish additional facilities around Indianapolis, and they still intend to open the 125,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility they originally envisioned.