Column: Survey says: ‘Yes’ on need for civility


Commentary by Jeff Worrell

Is civility relevant in our current culture? I recently sent a survey to Carmel residents, including the attendees at my recent Carmel Clay Public Library event with Lexi Hudson, author of “The Soul of Civility.” Here are some highlights from the survey:

  • 63 percent answered in the affirmative to this question: “Do you believe a lack of civility in Carmel is a problem that should be addressed?”
  • 59 percent indicated willingness to participate and volunteer in a program to promote civility in Carmel.

I will have more on the results from the survey and upcoming focus groups on a civility project.

The next civility discussion event in Carmel will take place at 6 p.m. March 6 at the Meeting House in the Village of West Clay. Hudson will speak, and both of us will participate in a Q&A at the end.

The Indiana Bar Foundation and a host of partners have supported the biannual publication of the Indiana Civic Health Index, which states: “In a healthy democracy, citizens engage in respectful dialogue, listen to differing opinions and find common ground to address shared challenges. This collaborative spirit is essential for the continued evolution of democratic societies, promoting social cohesion and mitigating the risks of polarization that can erode the foundations of democracy.”

This column on civility will appear regularly in Current in Carmel as long as our citizens express a need to continue the discussion and learn more about how our community can affirm and grow a sense of civility in our local culture.

Jeff Worrell is a Carmel City Council member and a civility proponent. To contact him, you may email [email protected].