Boutique wealth management firm in Carmel aims to address womens financial needs


When clients first walk into McMahan Capital Management, a boutique wealth management firm in downtown Carmel, one of the first things they’ll likely notice is that it resembles more of a living room than an office. There are no large conference rooms to meet with clients; rather, there’s a couch in the front room and a round table in the middle of its kitchen.

The inviting decor is intentional, as the firm has increased its focus on growing its female client base. Many women don’t want to walk into offices that feel sterile, according to McMahan Capital Management Principal Jeff McMahan, hence the cozy living room and kitchen options for meetings.

“When you sit at a big desk, there’s this hierarchy implied,” McMahan said. “There’s nothing between us with the couch. There’s no agenda but you. My goal is to help you maintain or achieve what makes you happy and fulfilled.”

McMahan founded the firm in 1998 and moved it to Texas and then California before moving back to Indiana a decade later. The group’s mission is to help clients make sound choices to support their long-term financial and lifestyle goals. In January, Katie Monaghan joined the firm as a senior wealth advisor, in part because of her vision to bring a “female-focused arm” to the group.

“What really brought me to McMahan Capital Management was the opportunity to service the great Indianapolis area with a niche market that currently isn’t being serviced here locally,” she said. “If you look geographically across the U.S., you can find a handful of firms that focus on women’s wealth management, but in the Indianapolis space, no one has specifically targeted what we’re looking to do.”

According to Boston Consulting Group, “women’s wealth has shown unprecedented growth over the last decade” across the globe, as women now control 32 percent of the world’s wealth.

“We’re working on marketing specifically to females,” Monoghan said. “The feedback that we’re getting on having a female-focused (initiative), the benefit of it, is that they’re finding a space where they feel completely understood.”

Many women are looking to transition wealth, whether that be because of divorce or an aging spouse, for example.

“The feedback that we’ve received, and we continue to receive, is women have a place where they feel comfortable and understood,” she said. “It’s just opening up the doors for women to feel empowered around their finances.”

Women often have different goals and spending habits compared to those of men, according to McMahon.

“They are more focused on goals and the broader picture of what their objectives are,” McMahon said.

As the firm expands its female wealth portfolio, the team notes it serves all clients, regardless of gender.

“We are open door. We will welcome any client,” Monaghan said. “We wanna provide that comfortable, compassionate, accommodating space. There’s not anything like it in the marketplace.”

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