Construction manager approved for Westfield Washington School events center


With only three months until the new Westfield Washington Public Library is set to open, Westfield Washington Schools officials are preparing to take over the soon-to-be-empty building at 333 W. Hoover St.

In February, the WWS Board of School Trustees unanimously approved a measure to appoint the firm Meyer Najem of Fishers as construction manager for the WWS Events Center that will open at the site.

“This is really the remodel of what is currently the Westfield Library,” said Brian Tomamichel, WWS’ assistant superintendent for business and operations. “They are looking for an aggressive timeline, to have it ready for the 2025-26 school year. But one of the biggest pieces is… that building is really about three or four additions, and with Meyer Najem, their superintendent, who will be overseeing the project, was responsible for that last addition on that building.

“So, we felt that the schedule and some of the cost savings, as well as having a superintendent on-site, is well worth the value.”

Tomamichel said the district’s transportation bids came in about $2 million under budget, which means there is now some financial wiggle room in the operations budget for projects, including the new events center.

The events center project will include renovating the 27,300-square-foot building, as well as an addition of approximately 9,700 square feet.

The building is between the Westfield middle and high schools, and the intent of the renovation is to serve the school system by providing a large event programming space, a culinary arts space and educational space for 18- to 22-year-old students in life skills programming.

Large events with seating for 250 will take place in the planned addition on the north end, while the culinary arts and life skills programs will be in the renovated building to the south.

The original building was constructed in 1983, with renovations and additions in 1994 and again in 2014.

The project is estimated at $15 million for both hard and soft costs.

The estimated timeline includes bidding in May, construction to begin by July, and a move-in date of June 2025, prior to the start of 2025 school year.

When complete, the space will be a home for Shamrock Connections, Foodies Rock, and the Rock Shop.

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