ISP warns of phone scam


The Indiana State Police is warning residents of a new phone scam disguised as a call from state police headquarters.

ISP has fielded reports from citizens reporting an apparent phone scam with the caller ID showing “Indiana State Police” with the phone number 317-232-8248.

According to a news release from ISP, the scammer identifies themself as an Indiana State Police Trooper and tells the recipient that their identity has been compromised or stolen, asking for verification of personal information.

“The ISP does not cold call people and ask for personal or financial information and would like to remind all citizens that phone scammers are persuasive, convincing, and technically savvy.  Scammers will often play on your emotions and fears in order to get your personal information and money,” ISP stated in the news release.

Residents are reminded to ignore unsolicited calls, and report potential scams as soon as possible to local law enforcement. Residents should also alert their banking institution if they provided financial information to an unsolicited caller.

Indiana residents are reminded to never give out personal information, including date of birth, Social Security number, or bank/credit card numbers.