Letter: Republicans have responded to claims about Trump



The March 5 edition of Current In Carmel contained a letter to the editor from Mark Senuta that I would like to respond to.

The headline (“Republicans refuse to discuss uncomfortable truths”) is not true. Republicans have responded to almost every utterance by the anti-Trump liberals and press. President Trump told the demonstrators to go “peacefully” to the capitol but this is conveniently omitted by the left and Mike Senuta.

Senuta accuses(U.S. Rep.) Victoria Spartz of “unconditional loyalty.” Also, not true. Spartz is continually misquoted. If Senuta wants to talk about calamity, he needs to look no farther than inflation, the disaster on the southern border and the chaos in the Middle East and in Ukraine. We are on the precipice of World War III as a direct result of the policies of the current White House occupants.   

Peter Putelis, Carmel