Zionsville officials choose firm for comprehensive plan


Officials in Zionsville have selected a firm to create the town’s new comprehensive plan.

A joint meeting of the Zionsville Town Council and Zionsville Plan Commission was held March 16 to hear from three firms seeking to develop that plan, resulting in the selection of HWC Engineering, with offices in Indianapolis, for the job.

HWC representatives said the process will include a four-phase approach, including setting a clear vision based on what is heard by the community; coming to a consensus on those goals; forming the plan; and creating action steps.

“That’s really translating that broader vision into a series of manageable pieces, goals, objectives and strategies for the community,” said Adam Peaper, community planner with HWC. “Finally, and most importantly, (is) the practical action step — those key next steps and the fiscal plan, how it all gets paid for, and what those priority initiatives need to be.”

Peaper noted that a comprehensive plan serves as a decision-making tool for elected and appointed leaders, as well as a work plan for staff and as a marketing tool for the community as a whole.

The plan will also address diversifying the tax base and will focus on the town’s roadways.

“I’m sure if we polled the community right now, the biggest concerns about potential growth for the future generally come back to traffic. This is an important component,” Peaper said, adding that the plan will focus on key corridors but also fringe areas where traffic is increasing.

Development of the plan will include the formation of a steering committee, workshops and community outreach meetings, as well as regular updates to the plan commission and town council.

The comprehensive plan is expected to be completed in 18 months.

The town allocated $450,000 for the comprehensive plan study as well as a transportation study, which will be completed concurrently.

Zionsville’s current comprehensive plan was completed in 2003, with amendments and updates made in 2010 through 2023.