Opinion: Time to get a move on


Sold! Friends, our beloved home of 14 years went on the market on Valentine’s Day and was under contract less than 48 hours later. The housing market is definitely back.

And so is my anxiety. I thought it was stressful getting ready to sell, but I had no idea how crazy it would get once we actually had to pack up and get out. For some reason, the multiple mini-purges and yard sales and Goodwill runs that I had naively assumed would make the final push a piece of cake failed miserably in preventing a full-on last-minute panic. And it didn’t help that we still have no place to move to and we filled our first storage unit with various-size boxes, brick-a-brack, and three huge Tupperware containers of Barbie Dreamhouse accessories before we’d even gotten to the big stuff. That sectional ain’t gonna fit!

The even-larger storage unit No. 2 is now busting at the seams, too, as is my in-law’s spare garage bay. What the hello? How and when did we accumulate all this stuff? Even as I type, our kitchen isn’t completely empty. We have several end tables and a weighs-a-ton ice chest that the movers forgot, and there are three area rugs and the contents of our garage to haul somewhere. Did I mention closing is three days away? Gulp!

So, yeah, I’m sweating meatballs. I’d also like to Clorox the bathrooms and Swiffer the floors, if only to avoid being deemed “filthy” by the new owners. But there simply may not be time. And that’s OK. I’ll harness my anxiety and focus on the positive: We sold our house!

Peace out.