Meet the Hamilton County Council at-large GOP candidates


Republicans Brandon (Brad) Beaver, Sue Maki, Elizabeth Fouch and Steven R. Nation are running for the three at-large seats on the Hamilton County Council.

The candidates answered the following questions from Current.

Steve Nation

Why do you want to run for this office?

Nation: Whether it was as prosecutor, judge or now as a councilman, I have been passionate about handling issues locally to make government better, not bigger. I want to continue to protect and help build a better life for the people in Hamilton County, allowing everyone to reach their full potential.

Maki: I am running for reelection as I plan to continue the work that I have given to serving our residents. I have lived here for 36 years, and I have seen the tremendous growth and economic success that we have achieved. This growth must be managed properly so we continue to have vital commerce, community amenities and low taxes.

Beaver: To continue to serve the people of Hamilton County.

Fouch: I’m running to give the rural residents more of a voice at the county level and to protect our farmland as development moves north.

What sets you apart from your opponents?

AA COM 0128 sue maki county council

Nation: I am proud of the work my fellow councilors (and) commissioners and I have accomplished. Representing the entire county, I serve through honesty, accountability and impactful governing, being clear and transparent with my vision. One accomplishment I am extremely proud of is the conception, execution and growth of the Hamilton County Youth Assistance Programs and the Pursuit Institute.

Maki: After graduating from the Hamilton County Leadership Academy in 1999, I served on a variety of boards and commissions. My leadership roles include past president of HC Tourism Commission, Carmel Rotary, Carmel Middle School PTO and the HC Solid Waste Board. I currently serve on the board of Invest Hamilton County. I am finishing my first term on the County Council where I am currently serving as vice president.

Beaver: My many years of service on the council.                                                                                             

Fouch: I’m different from my opponents in that I’m a political outsider and am in it for the people.  I’m a nurse practitioner by trade and it’s in my nature to advocate for those in my care.

What are the top three issues your campaign is focused on?

Nation: Public Safety: Police and fire should continue to be trained and prepared to protect the residents in our county to the highest level. Mental health: Because of the changing needs in our community, we need a comprehensive mental health plan that serves both juveniles and adults. Collaboration: I am committed to fostering collaboration across Hamilton County to ensure our county, municipal and township governments are effectively working to serve our residents.

Maki: My philosophy is that public safety is the bedrock of government service. Transportation infrastructure is second and economic development is third. Economic development is managed by having a comprehensive plan, planning for infrastructure investments and protecting our natural resources such as water availability. We also must invest in community amenities like parks and trails that make our county a desirable place to live, work and do business.


Beaver: Quality of life in Hamilton County.

Fouch: My top three concerns are keeping our farmland safe from over development, keeping taxes low and supporting first responders and teachers.

What is the greatest challenge facing the county? How do you plan to address it?

Nation: One of my significant initiatives is to finalize the county’s comprehensive response to behavioral health with an Assessment Center. This center will enhance our assessment capabilities, enabling more accurate diagnoses, the development of effective treatment plans for individuals and ensuring proper care is delivered. Further, as the only county in Indiana with a AAA bond rating, we must continue to review all of the budgetary factors so as to retain our status, thus reducing costs to taxpayers.

Maki: Hamilton County continues to grow at a record rate. Managing that growth so it is smart and measured is key in continuing to provide the outstanding services and amenities that our county is known for. This requires being proactive with the infrastructure investment and collaborating with our local governmental entities in planning for our growth.

AA COM 0204 brad beaver county council

Beaver: To spend the taxpayers’ money wisely.

Fouch: I feel the biggest issue facing the county is being able to keep taxes low while still moving forward with projects that support the community’s needs. This can be addressed by utilizing more grant monies and cutting back, not cutting out, on tax benefits to business and industries.

Rising assessed values are quickly increasing property tax bills, making it more unaffordable to move here or stay here. How do you plan to address this?

Nation: The formula for property tax bills is established pursuant to state statute. It is the responsibility of the Hamilton County Council to establish the tax rate. I have been – and will always be – committed to maintaining the same tax rate for individuals in our county. The county council will continue to review different programs or opportunities that may assist elderly or other people concerning their tax bills.

Maki: Affordable and attainable housing is one of our greatest challenges. There is currently a collaborative of leaders from all aspects of our community who are working on innovative ways to deal with our housing issue. While the property tax structure is under the purview of the state legislature, we at the county can work on alternative ways to meet our housing affordability needs.

Beaver: The state government controls property tax.

Fouch: This can be addressed by utilizing more grant monies and cutting back, not cutting out, on tax benefits to business and industries.

We live in an increasingly polarized and politically divided state and nation. How will you work to lead and better all Hoosiers – regardless of whether they support you or not?

Nation: One pillar of my campaign in collaboration. I believe experts, leaders and individuals providing various services should come together to creatively come up with solutions, regardless of political affiliation. By fostering this collaboration, we can better serve the residents of Hamilton County.

Maki: I have always worked well with individuals with different perspectives. I understand that I represent all residents of Hamilton County and not just the individuals who voted for me. My voting record and correspondence and phone call responses are evidence of that.

Beaver: I will work to reflect the wishes of the average county citizen.

Fouch: The council position is such that several people have to work together to move items along. Working together, despite personal options, is something that I’ve done my entire career as a nurse. Personal opinion has no place in a public office. The job is of the people, for the people, by the people.

What do you most want voters to know about you?

Nation: In my first term and throughout my total service to the citizens of Hamilton County, I have always served the county through honesty, accountability and impactful governing. I took tangible actions to fulfill the commitments I made. I was clear and transparent with my vision, and I delivered. In my upcoming term, there remains important work to accomplish. As I have demonstrated previously, I will continue to fulfill my commitments and deliver on my promises. Although several impactful projects have been completed in my first term, there is more work to be done.

Maki: My community service and county council experience makes me well qualified to continue to serve as your county councilor. I have the education, skills and experience to understand the complex financial issues that face the county. I know how to work together with a variety of people and constituencies, and I achieve results.

Beaver: I am pretty good at county finances, creative writing not so much.

Fouch: I want people to know that I truly look forward to being their advocate. The council oversees the financial health of the county. Just as I have helped the patients in my care throughout my career, I aim to watch over the residents of Hamilton County as an at-large councilor.