Letter: Small changes can make a big difference



I love to walk in nature in the spring to see the beautiful, luscious plants and flowers blooming all over and the fresh, pure water flowing down the stream. But I am afraid I am going to lose all these things because we aren’t taking care of them.

I am in eighth grade at Clay Middle School. I started getting interested in the environment when I first learned about it in fourth grade. That’s when I realized that we as people are making many poor choices that harm the earth. I could see we all need to take action, so I decided I needed to do something to create a small change to help the environment thrive.

I switch off my lights and any other electronic devices when I leave the room, use as little use-and-throw materials as possible and try to reuse them all. I also make sure to recycle products when it has the recycling symbol on it somewhere. Instead of throwing it in the trash, this will help make it into another productive object. I walk to places when they’re close enough. But I am just one person! It takes everyone making good choices every day to keep our planet healthy.

As a young person, I want to do right by the earth and keep it safe and beautiful for my whole life, my children’s lives and the generations that build on. People can help by walking more, or using a bike, skateboard, hoverboard or scooter to get where they need to go.

Today, I am requesting everyone in Carmel to change a few tiny things in your life to make this place a better one. Cut down on vehicles by carpooling and even combining trips. There are many ways you could help the earth, including this.

Some of you might read this and decide to walk more. Maybe even share this article and encourage walking and biking to others! I appreciate all of you who do. Please try your best to help keep our earth safe and healthy! Help the earth thrive by doing something nice for the environment and keep spreading the spirit. It takes everyone’s hard work and support. Do something nice and be helpful to mother earth.

Dharini Selvakumar, Clay Middle School eighth-grade student