Letter: Keeping an eye on Carmel’s drinking water 



As director of utilities for the City of Carmel, safeguarding our water supply’s health and safety is paramount. With growing concerns about polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in drinking water, we’ve intensified our efforts to address these worries.

Carmel Utilities has been actively involved in regulatory and voluntary sampling initiatives to comprehensively assess PFAS presence. Fortunately, our test results consistently meet or surpass the standards established by the recent EPA rule, which mandates utility companies to monitor, publicize and mitigate PFAS levels in drinking water.

PFAS, widely known for their water- and oil-repellent properties, have been extensively used in various industrial and consumer applications since the 1950s. However, these persistent chemicals pose environmental and health risks due to their longevity and tendency to accumulate in water, soil and food.

Despite a decline in U.S. PFAS production, international manufacturing persists, which has prompted the EPA to enhance regulations and reporting requirements. We assure our community that we are complying with all these regulations while maintaining transparency in our monitoring efforts and promptly sharing results. Our commitment to safeguarding Carmel’s drinking water remains unwavering.

Our understanding of PFAS and their potential impact continues to evolve. To keep pace with emerging scientific knowledge and regulatory updates, we pledge to stay informed and proactive. The forthcoming 2023 Water Quality Report will contain the latest testing results, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and accountability.

By continuously enhancing our knowledge and implementing necessary measures, we aim to uphold the cleanliness and safety of Carmel’s drinking water. Through collaboration, transparency and ongoing vigilance, we remain dedicated to preserving the well-being of our community.

John Duffy, director of Carmel Utilities