Column: Can you trust me?


Commentary by Jeff Worrell

Can I trust you? Can you trust me? Trust is the cornerstone of a civil community where the act of civility is founded on seeing each other as moral equals and worthy of our respect. It forms the basis for open communication, constructive collaboration and respectful interactions. When people trust each other, they are more likely to engage in meaningful conversations, listen with an open mind and work together towards common goals. When there is trust, it is much easier to buffer against a conflict, allowing individuals to seek constructive solutions rather than resorting to hostility.

It’s not easy. Building and maintaining trust requires consistency, integrity and transparency in actions and communications.

All of us play an exemplary role in setting the tone for trust and civility, inspiring others through their respectful behavior and inclusive approach. Despite the challenges, fostering trust and promoting civility is possible through community dialogues, reconciliation efforts and education on empathy and understanding. It starts with you. Let’s commit to building trust and promoting civility in our interactions, starting with active listening and empathy in our daily lives.