Boone County property assessments mailed, appeals due by June 17


Assessments for property owners were mailed through the Boone County Assessor’s office April 29.

According to assessor Jennifer Lasley, the majority of assessments have been increasing regardless of location in Boone County.

“With that being said, some areas increase at a faster pace because of the market and desirability of certain areas,” Lasley stated.

Indiana law requires that overall property value assessments stay aligned with rising or lowering market values. Lasley stated that while the overall volume and activity levels of residential sales may fluctuate, selling price — the market value of those properties — have shown steady increases.

According to the assessor’s office, the assessed value should reflect the amount a buyer would be willing to pay for the property at the time of the assessment. Property owners are encouraged to review the information provided on their Property Record Card, to check for accuracy including year of construction, number of stories, exterior construction, square footage, plumbing fixtures, and additional accessible features such as basement recreation rooms, fireplaces, finished attics and central air conditioning.

Property owners who made improvements or modifications at a cost above $500 but that did not require a permit will need to notify the assessor’s office. Those property owners who have had a structure demolished must file a destroyed removed property affidavit in the assessor’s office.

The assessor’s office noted that the state-set assessment value of agricultural land for 2024 is $2,280 per acre — a 20 percent increase from last year’s $1,900 per acre assessment. That increase has a direct effect on the related property assessment.

The deadline to file an appeal is June 17, 2024.

Lasley also stressed the importance of filing a homestead deduction.

“At closing, most title companies should be taking care of this, but we strongly recommend calling or emailing the Boone County Auditor’s office to confirm that you have the deduction if it is your primary residence,” Lasley stated. “We have had several taxpayers coming into our office after getting their taxes only to realize that they never filed for it. We are seeing this mainly on new construction parcels that are construction loans and do not have a traditional closing.”

Deductions such as homestead, over 65, blind, heritage barn, geothermal, or any other deductions must be filed through the Boone County Auditor’s office. Contact the office in Lebanon at 765-482-2940.