Opening doors: Westfield residents take a chance on business ownership in Indianapolis


For Josh and Amy Evans of Westfield, chasing a dream has become a reality.

The couple, who have called Hamilton County home for the past six years, are leaning into their biggest challenge — business ownership — with a message for the community about taking a chance.

“We want to be more involved in our community,” Josh Evans said. “Our kids go to Westfield schools, I coach wrestling, we’re the class parents for our kids throughout the years. We wanted to really be involved in the community that they are in, and our community on a deeper level. So, opening a local business really was the answer for that.”

The couple moved to central Indiana from Pennsylvania in 2018. Josh Evans spent most of his career in the automotive industry, most recently as a director for Carvana in Indianapolis.

But the couple always had a dream to open their own business, one that would complement both of their skill sets. After research and a lot of discussion, they found the opportunity to own a franchise with Closet Factory, a custom-closet company that also designs, manufactures and installs home offices, garage cabinets and other home storage solutions.

Closet Factory provides storage solutions for homes, including garage storage. (Photo courtesy of Amy Evans)

“We got to a point in our lives where we have three boys and they’re a little older now. So, we made the decision that it’s now or never,” Josh Evans said. “When we came upon Closet Factory, we realized that it really hit a lot of points that we were looking for. Amy has a background in social media marketing. She attended a fashion design school in Los Angeles, so she has a keen eye for design and an interest in interior design. My background is in sales, leadership and manufacturing management. So, this franchise is unique in that we will actually be manufacturing the products from raw materials ourselves. So, it gives us the unique ability to really design anything the customer needs and build it for them.”

The manufacturing facility is in Indianapolis and uses locally sourced materials. Although there is a showroom, most customers will schedule an appointment and a designer will go to them, measure their space and work inside the home to design the project and produce a 3D rendering.

But for the Evans family, the venture is also about their commitment to calling Indiana home.

“We really just fell in love with the area when we moved here and put down roots,” Josh Evans said. “That was a big part of deciding to open the business here. It has the small-town feel and being able to be a part of a growing community (is rewarding), and Westfield has such an eclectic mix of people. There are so many people who are from other states or other parts of this state and other countries. It’s really just a melting pot for people who are actively creating a community. That’s very unique.”

As far as diving into business ownership, the couple encourages their friends and neighbors to take a risk if they are considering taking that leap.

“You can either dedicate your time and your effort for somebody else’s goals, or you can dedicate your time and effort for your goals,” Josh Evans said. “It is scary to go out on your own because there is no safety net, but at the end of the day there’s no safety net for anybody you work for. As I saw my children growing and I found myself giving them advice on how they should view their future careers, I didn’t want to see them stuck in a position or a job that they are unhappy with, where they feel they’re trapped in because they have to pay the bills. So, I wanted to set an example for them and show them the process that you can really do anything you put your mind to if you put the effort in.”

The couple said they hope to build a legacy for their three children, Clark, 14, Henry, 10, and William, 8.

“We want to build something for our family and potentially have something to pass down to our kids one day and show them what you can do if you step away from the perspective that getting a job for somebody else is your only option,” Josh Evans said.

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Josh and Amy Evans launched their Closet Factory franchise in May in Indianapolis, featuring custom closet storage solutions. (Photo courtesy of Amy Evans)


Not satisfied to simply own a business, Josh and Amy Evans plan to leverage the success of their new company for philanthropic efforts locally.

“We will be partnering with a local charity once we get up and running,” Amy Evans said. “It’s called Closet Factor Cares, and they give backpacks that are also luggage to foster care children. They normally just get a black trash bag, so eventually once we get up and running, we will partner with a local foster care facility and start the Closet Factory Cares here.”

Amy Evans said the charitable portion of the company should be up and running within six months.

Closet Factory has 61 locations in 31 states, with Josh and Amy Evans’ franchise the first to open in Indiana. The Indianapolis location officially launched May 20.

Learn more about the Evans’ business at or on Instagram at closet.factory.indy.