Accetturo to run for mayor in 2011

Accetturo for mayor
City Councilman John Accetturo officially announced he will run against Mayor Jim Brainard and Marnin Spigelman in the Republican primary next May.

City Councilman John Accetturo officially announced his candidacy for mayor Monday afternoon at The Fountains banquet hall.

Speaking to a room full of his supporters, Accetturo said he believes Carmel can be more transparent, fiscally responsible, and run by better a leadership, and he added that his experiences as a resident of Carmel for more than 30 years and member of the City Council since 2008 make him the right man for the job.

“I have a plan to bring Carmel forward in the coming years. Public-private partnerships will not continue to be public profit socialized risks for Carmel residents,” he said.

Accetturo said he also hopes to increase transparency by making the costs of all city projects public and reducing the size of Carmel’s government.

“Carmel needs a conservative executive that will work hard, not spend more than we take in,” he said.