Area children’s clothing designer will show at Midwest Fashion Week


Blue Eyes LogoSewing and becoming a fashion designer was Stephanie Williams’ dream as a young girl growing up having learned firsthand from her mother and grandmother.

After completing her degree at IU from the Business School she “packed away” those desires thinking of them as no more than a hobby of opportunity and entered the field of financial planning.

Stephanie has spent over seven years building a practice through a platform of educating women on the topics of money and finance. It was also during that time that she launched [alphaChicks]. In 2007 she created this organization to support her personal mission of being a lifetime resource for her clients. This platform continues to grow and maintain its’ place as an educational form for Gen X & Y women entrepreneurs. 

But as soon as William was married and starting her family, the desire to create again came back.  In May of 2010, her sister asked if she would share a booth with her at the Westfield Farmer’s Market.  They spent Friday afternoons this past summer with a booth filled with a few dresses. From then to now, her world has changed. The business quickly took off by word of mouth marketing and something as simple as a Facebook fan page. 

BlueEyes and BareFeet is a clothing and design company featuring a collection for girls created from vintage, vintage-inspired, modern and recycled fabrics. Each piece is handmade and ultimately inspired by my Williams’ daughters; Abigail and Elise. You will see them in many of her pictures as they are her regular ‘models’ and everyday users of her designs.

What makes BlueEyes and BareFeet unique is the fact that a large majority of their designs are made from reused and or salvaged fabrics. That means Williams’ will use leftover fabrics or reuse fabrics.  “For example, I may use vintage white linens, a men’s dress shirt or even a jersey t-shirt no one wants anymore”. She gathers her fabrics through donations, thrift stores and even her grandmother’s basement where she has found the vintage fabrics. She believes in originality in all of their creations, therefore no piece will ever be exactly like the one before.

An opportunity that has come out of this business venture is the opportunity to be a featured designer during Midwest Fashion Week in March at the children’s fashion show. “I am still astounded by what a little snowball packed up tight can do. It shows what hard work and a quality product can do,” said Williams.

To learn more about Midwest Fashion Week and the Children’s Fashion Show and Sunday Brunch on March 13, visit  

You can follow Stephanie at @blueyesbarefeet and via Facebook: [alphaChicks] and Blue Eyes and Bare Feet Designs, or at