Gardener psyched for another season


Having only JUST sprung forward, dare I say I think I’ve weathered the winter? I managed to eek out some amaryllis blooms, overwinter a Wandering Jew plant and acquire a gift ponytail palm during this less than inspirational winter we’ve had … but I’m starting to get cranky about seeing some more color around here.

It won’t be long before someone comments that my driving passed the garden centers daily might be considered stalking, which doesn’t seem like healthy behavior, but when perusing seed selection or harvesting patches of moss from the side yard isn’t enough, what’s a girl to do?

There was a time when I would pass my days tending to seedlings under grow lights and attending lectures about the newest varieties, but those times are on hold for now, with a preteen daughter (oof!) and a full-time job, it’s all I can do to go for a walk in the woods these days … and maybe a load of laundry peppered in.

America’s most popular pastime, gardening, is … pastime. What fun it would be to have time to pass? Instead, it seems I’m looking for it!

And when I do find it, I try to relish the moment. A protective cardinal on the fence, a pair of squirrels in frantic courtship, blooms from common lawn “weeds” … all sights unseen once a good oppressive heat sets in during August. Finding a tiny baby sedum as I brush away last year’s debris is enough to fill the void of not nurturing baby plants in my windowsill.

I do what I can do. And try not to end up with a restraining order from the garden center.

So, let the season begin. Dust off the trowel and shake out the gardening gloves, it’s going to be a doozey. And please, e-mail your gardening woes and wisdom to me this season as you have in the past! Happy gardening!