Worth residents would chose Whitestown


Worth Township residents attended the Zionsville Town Council meeting on Feb. 4 to express their concerns and objections to the proposed Worth Township Annexation that affects all of their properties.

All Worth residents who spoke before the council agreed that they were opposed to any annexation regardless of whether it was by Whitestown or Zionsville, but consensus from the property owners was that if they had to choose between the two towns, they would prefer to be annexed by the Town of Whitestown over Zionsville.

According to those who spoke, the reasons the homeowners would prefer Whitestown included tax abatements, the potential for eventual connection to and service by Whitestown utilities and the close proximatey of the Whitestown Fire Dept. to the affected properties.

“My clients would rather be left alone than have their three sizable parcels located in Worth Township annexed but have anticipated a Whitestown annextion,” said Melissa Garrard, an attorney representing the Spalding Family Limited Partnership. “The benefits to my clients being annexed by Whitestown would be a 13-year tax abatement, and the ability to eventually connect to Whitestown sewer utillity.”

Garrard said the 13-year tax abatement included a three-year tax abatement for all properties and an additional 10-year abatment for all agricultural land

“A Zionsville annexation doesn’t make any sense,” Garrard said. “The Town can’t ever offer sewer services to my clientss properties, but they can eventually connect to the Whitestown sewer system that is practically right across the street. The ability to connect to utilities is a significant factor in the assesment of property values and any future developments in the proposed annexation territory.”

Depending on the result and actions of the Zionsville Town Council, Garrad’s clients may take legal action against the Town.

“If the Town continues its unwelcome attempts to annex, the Spalding Family Limited Partnership intends to remonstrate and, if necessary, litigate,” Garrard said.

The Zionsville Town Council will review all of the statements and information that was provided at last Monday’s Town Council Meeting before making any concrete or final decisions regarding the proposed annexation.