Opinion: Back to school already?


Commentary by Heather Kestian

It is almost upon us: that glorious time of year when the kidlets go back to school! I realized this when we went shopping for a birthday present for one of his friends. In looking around the store, it hit me and we should probably start planning for this. But how can this be? Back to school already?

As we walked out to the car, I asked my oldest how many days we had until we went back to school. Being the calculator he is, he knew immediately. It would appear that we should be proactive about this because we have one short month to get our things together. We decided to check social media because I was sure the list was posted for those parents who are far more put together than myself. Facebook somehow knew I was having this conversation with my son, which makes me wonder: is this creepy or helpful? I have not decided, nonetheless, it miraculously pointed me to the school supply list. Thank you, Facebook, but please stop reading my mind.

I love this time of year. It is a great time to reflect on the growth from the past year. It is the time of year to need new shoes for the feet that cannot be contained in the smaller size any longer and longer pants for the legs that keep growing like little weeds. It is a warm reminder that these little people will not be little for long. They continue to grow and develop into the amazing folks they will be and these are the little moments that make me happy to be a part of their journey. My wallet cries green tears, however.

At some point soon, I will spend far too much time figuring out where the cheapest pencils are and the per unit cost of each package. Is it better to buy 30 pencils in this package or ten packages with three pencils in each package? I am convinced this mental gymnastics is what is going to save me from Alzheimer’s. And with my children so spread out in age and having waited until really late in life to have these little golden treasures of people, I will need to buy school supplies well into retirement. Speaking of which, I might want to put a little more back in our retirement savings now. I forgot to factor in the cost of pencils.