Westfield Mayor Andy Cook announces $200 million major project at State of the City

The site development plan. (Submitted image)
The site development plan. (Submitted image)

By Mark Ambrogi

Westfield Mayor Andy Cook knows his city is on the right track.


“We’ve created the demand and the realtors will certainly back that up as will the development community,” Cook said Nov. 17 at the State of the City at the Bridgewater Club. “Ten years ago, we asked, ‘How do we grow and grow well?’ Here we are now saying, ‘How do we continue this best?’ I can tell you because of our vision that has been sustained and the strong backing of the city council and our citizens, which is showing by the school referendum passing with 81-plus percent. I can tell you the investment community’s eyes are on us. Now, we have to continue on that vision. We have provided the financial stability and sustainability. We have to continue to do what we pledged to do many years ago to manage our gift of growth.”

With that in mind, Cook discussed the planning of a 64-acre project, called the Grand Millennium Center, at the southeast corner of Ind. 32 and U.S. 31. Birch Dalton, owner of EdgeRock Development, said his company is planning to submit a planned unit development proposal before the Dec. 2 meeting of the Westfield City Council introduction. Dalton said the project would cost in excess of $200 million. Dalton said there are six different sub-developers.


“EdgeRock will either develop one of the sub-parcels or another developer will purchase it and develop it on its own,” he said.

Dalton said there is a proposed YMCA to be included in the development.

“That aquatics center that we’re talking about would be an opportunity for both the YMCA and the schools to have a competitive, Olympic-sized swimming and diving facility along with a local swim club,” Dalton said. “The convention center is a complement to the 4,000-square foot Events Center at Grand Park. They serve different purposes. This would be more meeting space, smaller exhibits.”

Dalton has had preliminary discussions with the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis.

Dalton and Cook said an Indianapolis-area hotelier with success is interested in putting a hotel/convention center in the area.

“There’s plans for some high-end, high-density type of housing. Could be townhouses or condos, possibly some apartments,” Dalton said.

There is a plan for a Civic Center, which could house city and township services, school administration and a business incubator.

Dalton said there also are plans to build a grocery and restaurant.

“That would be an urban-style grocery store on the first floor of several apartments,” Dalton said.

There also will be a pharmacy and a bank. Office and parking space is included in the project.

Cook said the planned development makes a statement.

“This tells me the investment community is taking notice of what is going on in Westfield. This is a project that could get started pretty quick. There are a lot of pieces to it and a lot of what-ifs,” Cook said. “It’s been said Westfield tends to punch above its weight class, and we’re proud of that. We’re trying to prove here that a successful community is a result of its people, not the government and not politics.”