Letter: Indiana should protect its treasured documents



The Tennessee state legislature voted to appropriate $98 million for a new Tennessee State Archives. The Indiana House of Representatives, however, voted down a request for $27.5 million for a new Indiana State Archives building to replace the dangerous, leaking, warehouse that currently houses our own archives.

Indiana’s most treasured documents – records about Indiana’s first black Civil War regiment, photographs of the Beatles’ concerts at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, files from Gov. Mike Pence’s administration, and information about Mike Tyson and John Dillinger – have been in this abysmal “temporary” location for 16 years. I applaud our Tennessee neighbors for their good sense and planning for the future. The lack of vision and foresight shown in our own legislature is unfortunate. The General Assembly voted yes to a new building in 2015. Now they need to come through on their promise.

Katherine Dill, Carmel