Characters of Carmel: Lindsey Lopez


Commentary by Shelly Gattlieb

Editor’s note: This is the second installment in an occasional series.

CIC COM 0115 CoC Lindsey Lopez

With tattoos and purple hair, she might not look like your average Carmel housewife, but Lindsey Lopez balances marriage, motherhood, leading two Girl Scout troops (and coordinating six), while still finding the time to manage her two rental properties in Broad Ripple and teach Zumba classes.

Anyone who has met Lopez knows that she always has a smile on her face and an energetic spirit. Although she’s lived in six states, she now refers to herself as a “Midwest girl” and looks forward to raising her children in Carmel.

Her love of dance started early, as she grew up taking ballet lessons and never wanted to stop. She was even teaching Zumba classes through her ninth month of pregnancy.

Her husband is a native New Yorker who works in the insurance industry, and the family moved to Carmel four years ago. Together, they have flipped three houses, but the couple now plans to focus on the investment of additional rental properties. 

Family: husband, Carlos, daughters, Isa (11), Gabby (9) and Ariana (6 months), and son, Joey (3)

Pets: two cats, Kiki and Tuck

Favorite thing about Carmel: Convenience and the positive attitudes of people

Favorite TV show: “The Office”

Favorite drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Something that’s never made sense to you: The appeal of anything being “designer”

Dream concert: The Eagles

Favorite book: “The Good Earth”

Long-term goal: Provide a rent-free apartment complex for low-income men and women who need to get back on their feet

Favorite cause: Protecting our Earth and reducing the toxic chemicals in homes

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