Windstorm damages school greenhouse in Fishers


Sand Creek Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Molly Coffman was awarded a grant last year which she applied to adding a greenhouse structure to the school’s campus. Unfortunately, a recent windstorm damaged the structure beyond repair.

“Unfortunately on Dec. 1 (2018), our cameras caught a giant gust of wind that had uprooted the greenhouse and tossed it, crumpling the frame,” Coffman said. “It was made of an aluminum frame but had been securely anchored.”

The greenhouse was built at the end of the 2017-18 school year. It was roughly 12-foot by 20-foot and was used to help grow the school’s agricultural curriculum. Parent volunteers and even some off-duty Fishers Police Dept. officers donated time to construct the greenhouse.

“It was pretty devastating for those of us who have been working really hard, those of us who have worked to get it initiated,” Coffman said.

Some of the greenhouse’s panes were salvaged, but the framework was damaged beyond repair. Now, Coffman said the school is looking to raise money to construct a similar greenhouse for the students.

“What we are looking at now is trying to get the word out and looking to see if there are any corporate sponsorships, anyone who would want to donate,” she said.

Coffman estimates that a minimum of $2,000 would be required to recreate the greenhouse.

“We want it to withstand multiple Indiana winters, not just one gust of wind,” she said.