Scout refurbishes cart at Carmel Monon Depot Museum


Jon Gosselin, a Carmel High School junior and Boy Scout Troop 112 member, got inspiration for his Eagle Scout project while learning about local history.

“When I was looking for ideas, I didn’t know quite what to do because everyone told me I should do something I was passionate about, and at the time the thing I was most passionate about was Scouts,” Gosselin said. “I remembered when one of our previous leaders took us to the Carmel Monon Depot Museum. We took a tour, and at the end of it they told us they are always looking for Eagle Scout projects there.”

For his project Gosselin restored an old luggage cart on the side of the building.

“It was originally used to transport luggage between train cars and train stations when the trains pulled up,” Gosselin said. “The entire thing was crumbling, rotting and rusted. We took it to our garage and took it apart while at the same time rebuilding it with fresh wood. We repainted it and completely refurbished it.”

Gosselin spent 280 hours during the course of five months to complete the project. He was assisted by 22 volunteers.

“I don’t think there was a weekend we weren’t working on it while we had it in the garage,” he said.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the BSA program. Since 1911 only 4 percent of Scouts have achieved the honor. One requirement is to complete a project showing leadership while benefiting a religious institution, school or the community.

Gosselin has been involved in scouting for the last 11 years, working his way from a young Cub Scout to achieving his Eagle rank.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Jon,” said his father, Paul Gosselin. “He set goals for himself at a young age and he achieved all of them. It’s been really gratifying to see Jon turn into the leader he has become.”

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