Letter: Carmel became world-class city under leadership of mayor



I have lived in or near Carmel for most of my adult life. The Wright Brothers began our career here, playing at Steckley’s Old House in 1972-73. In the past 24 years, I’ve seen Carmel evolve from a “small town” suburb of Indianapolis to a world-class city under the leadership of our mayor, Jim Brainard.

The “mudslinging” in this mayoral primary race is something I’ve never seen outside of national political races. Another sign of our times, I suppose, but here it is, right on our doorsteps. Any candidate that runs one very poorly produced TV commercial that denigrates the other with lies and innuendo says all one needs to know about that candidate. (Brainard was not impaired nor inebriated – but that terrible political “hit ad” surely tried to make it sound as if he had been.) And the sordid story of the woman claiming “sexual harassment” is obviously another political “hit piece.”

Under Mayor Brainard’s leadership, many businesses have moved to Carmel, housing development has flourished, the infrastructure is always being improved and something quite important to me is that the arts have been promoted in a great way. Recently, a visitor from Nashville, Tenn., remarked in amazement, after having driven through downtown Carmel, “What is this place?” He was quite impressed after having driven up Keystone Parkway, seeing the beautifully designed drive-over exits and City Center, The Center for the Performing Arts and the Carmel Arts & Design District. Everywhere he looked, he saw beauty and an obvious city on the move.

I hope every Carmel resident realizes the uniqueness of this city. Voted one of the safest cities in America and one of the best places to live by “Money” magazine, we who live here heartily agree. Just experience the July 3-4 CarmelFest celebration each year with the concerts, fireworks and parade, and you know this truly is a community in which to raise a family. It’s a slice of America where pride in everything our nation stands for is represented.

The Palladium is one of three concert halls designed like it in the U.S. Michael Feinstein as artistic director of the Center for the Performing Arts and Janna Hymes as the Carmel Symphony conductor are a quite the coups for our city. Anyone who has been to a concert at the Palladium has experienced one of the finest concert halls in the nation. Who would’ve thought all of this could ever happen way back when our band was playing at Steckley’s Old House and The Cattlemen’s?

Simply look around: The Monon Trail, the restaurants, condos, apartments, the waterpark and all the amenities of Carmel previously mentioned have come about since Mayor Brainard took office. It is Jim Brainard’s vision that has brought about this wonderful place where we live. I can’t imagine a more inviting city or town in America, and we have our mayor to thank.

Vote on May 7. Vote for Mayor Jim Brainard, a man whose vision has led us from our past, has developed the beauty we see every day in our community and who will continue to lead our city in the right direction into the future.

Timothy Wright, Carmel