Letter: Carmel should stay conservative



Regarding the commentary from Shelly Carey’s prose in the April 30 edition (of Current in Carmel), we have to be careful what we wish for. Her desire to move from a “red area” to a “purplish color” is fraught with all kinds of danger signals. I might remind her to look at a map of the United States and see what the result of “purplish” or “blue” policies and thought process brings: economic stagnation, high levels of crime, crumbling city infrastructure, vacant buildings, stratospheric taxation and endless corruption in government. Don’t believe me? Who runs Baltimore, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco, Buffalo, Gary, East Chicago, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Newark, Camden and New York? They look pretty purple or blue to me, and they are disasters for their citizens.

No wonder people are leaving those cities in droves. The problem is that those that flee don’t leave their failed ideas behind and drag them along when they migrate to another region or city, continuing to push for the same asinine programs. Hence, that process then begins the destruction of their chosen victim city. Case in point – just look at Blue State California. There is little hope of recovery for that entire state, followed closely by Blue State Illinois and Blue State New York, which recently announced over a $2 billion dollar budget shortfall due to fed-up taxpayers leaving with their money.

Thank you for the input, but no thanks. This is a conservative city and it should stay that way.

James J. Smith, Carmel