Weather delays Logan Street Pedestrian Bridge


Rain and flooding have lengthened the timeline of a major downtown project by nearly nine months.

Crews have worked on the project since the fall of 2018 to widen the Logan Street Bridge in downtown Noblesville to make way for a pedestrian pathway, connecting downtown Noblesville to the west side of White River.

The projected was originally projected to be complete by September 2019. But on July 26, the Hamilton County Highway Dept. announced the work would not be finished this year.

A new completion date has been set for May 2020.

HCHD officials said construction will continue through December but will halt after that until spring, when temperatures warm enough to safely complete the bridgework.

For drivers, the three-lane road has been limited to two tight lanes, just east of the road’s Ind. 19 intersection, allowing room for work to be done on the south side of the bridge. However, drivers will get some relief this winter when construction halts because the road will be reopened to three lanes. A statement from the HCHD said the lanes will stay open through the remainder of construction.

On July 23, the Noblesville Common Council introduced an agreement to reapprove its memorandum of understanding with Hamilton County for the joint project.

Pedestrian bridge construction was bid at $3,715,500. Electric costs of $587,900 raised the total project cost to $4,303.400. The City of Noblesville will pay a minimum of $1,542,823, half of which will be paid when and if the Noblesville Common Council approves the MOU. The MOU also states that the City of Noblesville will not pay more than $1,622,750 of the total cost of the project.

The council is set to vote on the MOU and hold a public hearing at its Aug. 13 meeting. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. in the council chambers on the second floor of City Hall, 16 S. 10th Street. See an agenda for the meeting at