Carmel Farmers Market offers tour of vendor’s farm


By Raymond Mo

The Carmel Farmers Market is offering its inaugural farm tour Sept. 18 at the Johnnie Raber Farm. The event, set for 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., will give guests a glimpse behind the scenes of a vendor at the Carmel Farmers Market in the setting of Indiana Amish country.

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“It will be an extensive look at the growing of fruits and vegetables in a non-mechanized farm setting,” Carmel Farmers Market President Ron Carter said.

The farm tour is hosted by the Rabers, an Amish family living in the backcountry of Odon, Ind. Guests will ride along the farm’s fields and greenhouses, visit a local Amish school and enjoy a farm dinner served by the Raber family.

“You rarely get the chance to have dinner in an Amish home, ride with an Amish man in his buggy or visit an Amish school while the school is in session,” Carter said.

Guests will meet at the Carmel Farmers Market and travel to the Johnnie Raber Farm in a 2-hour air-conditioned bus ride. On the way, guests will receive a presentation from volunteers about the vendor selection process and other questions that guests may have about the Carmel Farmers Market.

Carter said he plans to expand the tours to several other vendors in the future.

“The expectation is that we frankly have a good time, have an educational day, understand more about the Amish culture and have some good food to eat,” Carter said. “If it turns out the way we think it will, then we’ll more than likely launch into touring as an extra activity for the Carmel Farmers Market.”

Registration is $55 and includes transportation, snacks and dinner. To register, visit