HSE play features series of vignettes


The style of “Almost, Maine” suits Hamilton Southeastern High School senior Graycee Butler just fine.

“Every character has their own story and they’re all intertwined, so it really makes it feel connected, even though it’s a string of separate vignettes,” Butler said.

ND HSE PLAY 1119 Butler head shot

John Cariani’s “Almost, Maine” is set for 7 p.m. Nov. 21-23 at the school’s Little Theatre.

Ethan Mathias, a co-director, describes the play as vignettes about people and love, occurring simultaneously on a single, snowy evening.

“We chose ‘Almost, Maine’ because it provides opportunities for many of our students to shine and grow, on stage and off,” Mathias said. “We see people finding love, falling in love, losing love, rediscovering love in all of its heartbreaking and heartwarming glory.

Butler said she enjoys the symbolism of the play. She said several scenes have some type of imagery or magical element that brings interesting levels to each story’s message.

“The style is fun for actors because it gives us time to really focus in with our scene partner and make this little piece as vibrant as possible,” Butler said. “However, it does mean our rehearsals are a lot more spread out because certain vignettes are called once a week, which means less time bonding with the rest of the cast. I enjoy big rehearsals with the other vignettes and seeing them come together.”

There are a few challenges to Butler’s role.

“It all comes from her backstory and the guilt she feels for something that happened to her late husband,” Butler said. “She isn’t from the town and she’s got a huge task on her hands that has to be done that night. It creates a lot of complex feelings when she begins to fall for this new guy and also a sense of urgency and desperation that comes from the weight of her task.”

Tickets can be purchased through HSEDrama.org. Tickets are $9 for adults, $8 for students and seniors (65 and older) and $6 for children 5 and under.