Synergize serves as matchmaker for businesses


Arron Stanton sees himself as the consummate matchmaker.

After all, he introduced his best friend to another friend and they eventually got married. He has been connecting friends to other friends for years.

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“I’ve always been able to build deep, meaningful relationships with people,” Stanton said. “I have a knack for connecting people, whether it be marriage, friends or building a business together,”

So, he decided to make connecting businesses a full-time pursuit. Stanton, 30, is the founder and chief relationship officer of Synergize, based in Carmel’s Serendipity Labs.

“The purpose of Synergize is to help business leaders connect with other business leaders on a personal level,” said Stanton, a Westfield resident. “It’s fostering these relationships for 30 years, not 30 days. It’s connecting people based on a legacy they aspire to create rather than a next transaction.”

Business professionals go through a legacy profile questionnaire.

“Based on their answers, they will be matched with other business professionals to create the optimal success from the relationship,” Stanton said. “It’s almost like a concierge relationship brokering. It’s almost like an eHarmony for business leaders as opposed to those looking to get married.”

Stanton said businesses come to Synergize, which serves as a relationship development arm.

“The business leader doesn’t have to be a professional coffee drinker. They almost get to sit down and drink coffee with the people they should be drinking coffee with,” he said. “It allows the business to focus on growing.”

Stanton previously worked as an account manager at OneZone.

“I was in the Hamilton County networking scene for about three years,” he said.

Partners include Axia Technology Partners, Ogle Design, The iTeam and My Turn Media Group.

“The partners are not owners. They are making an early investment to help get it off the ground,” Stanton said. “The company officially started in December and (went) live to the public Jan. 1.”

Sponsors include Current Publishing, Serendipity Labs and Bolt for the Heart.

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